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Re: slow dsl internet

Posted by Willy on May 30, 2009, 12:10 am, in reply to "Re: slow dsl internet "

Ok...a little background. I'll keep it short.

The internet is a collection of computers connected together with different machines serving different functions. The different functions that spring to mind are DNS servers that let you enter names and return the actual address of the machine on the internet using the internet protocol...all those pesky numbers. There are machines that serve as Routers..they connect networks to other networks...and then web and mail servers.

When you request a page from some server, the request typically traverses many machines till it finally gets to the one you want. In agreement with Mary Jo, I too believe that the problem was happining on some machine in the states....maybe a denial of service attack....maybe a blown disk. I also believe that the problem has been fixed.

There is a handy command called traceroute that returns the details of a request...all of the machines the request went through and the amount of time it took to process the request. Following is the result of a traceroute from my house to the, which lives on a machine in California.

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 home ( 2.093 ms 7.019 ms 1.158 ms
2 ( 21.577 ms 27.053 ms 24.852 ms
3 ( 62.391 ms 64.048 ms 64.083 ms
4 GigEthernet3-0-0.GW7.LAX7.ALTER.NET ( 77.493 ms 79.892 ms 78.946 ms
5 ( 133.958 ms 79.784 ms 78.667 ms
6 ( 89.089 ms 87.225 ms 88.731 ms
7 ( 101.973 ms 68.080 ms 70.546 ms
8 ( 70.830 ms 68.667 ms 68.764 ms
9 ( 74.945 ms 67.103 ms 68.998 ms
10 ( 69.848 ms 77.463 ms 71.285 ms
11 ( 75.118 ms 69.269 ms 70.705 ms
12 ( 71.016 ms 71.546 ms 72.579 ms

From this is looks like there was no inordinate delay in any machine.

Hope this helps folks understand what goes on behind the scenes as it were....

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