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Re: Scorpion hysteria......

Posted by Donald Binkley on June 16, 2009, 1:54 pm, in reply to "Scorpion hysteria......"

Hi Deanna, I was stung a couple years ago, laying bricks around Bernardo's pool. I was bored and there was the old pile of bricks and of course I didn't wear construction glove and got stung by the little bugger that I didn't see but I am pretty sure that it was the small tan kind that in Az. are called "bark scorpions" and if you do further research into this species, at least in Az. they're considered more dangerous and venomous that the diamondback.

I live in diamondback country and in fact had the largest snake in Oklahoma in a cage in my office, not by my choosing but it was the trophy catch of the Mangum, OK rattlesnake roundup.

At least a diamondback is able to judge it's target and if you're real big to the snake and do not appear to be a meal, the snake measures out a smaller portion of venom to just warn you to keep away. The scorpion just injects all the venom it has...and you get the full dose. I also used Benadryl but was in severe pain all nite and fingers numb for 3 months. Leon is the only person I know that received medical treatment after a sting incl. injection and I don't think he had all that numb nerve damage.

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