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Posted by morningstar on June 24, 2009, 7:25 am, in reply to "YAAAY!"

Ah Jane, at this end of town I selected a fresh hot coffee,no ice, and took pen in hand for a little storm story..... so glad all seems well here
(6-23-09 12:35 PM)
Storm where did you go?
It's about noon expected hurricane Andres to arrive perhaps you've kissed land to the south - manzanillo my guess no power for a couple of hours, 'bout time you would have landed there - all cat. #1 first pacific storm of the year - but where did you go?? sky opened up from early cloudy raining to sunshine at Bob & Sissys' .. dark clouds gather heading westward placing their thin shadows on the bay waves erupt from the grey blue sea in brilliant white foaming glory, not storm waves per say rain drips from the sky - also no 12" +/- to measure? so, storm where did you go?? "herd's" of bugs flew past in the " calm before the storm" a classic to be sure - same grey tones as New England, ah a touch of long ago home and the birds sing.....frogs last night trilled the night away, rain birds carring the melody. all is quiet here before the storm once again. So, storm where did you go?? How attached I've/we've become to the glories of instant communication, cell phones won't work now, why?? better to read the storm by....feel the air, the changing barometric pressur, feel the colors of earth, sea, sky....breath, be at peace within....storm you're a blessing?? you arrive and well,...." sometimes yes I know that it's kinda hard to tell but I'm still alive and well" may no harm come from you storm as you head out to sea, leaving only in your path an awakening.

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