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Re: NYT Editorial about US guns in Mexico...

Posted by Daniel on June 25, 2009, 6:40 pm, in reply to "NYT Editorial about US guns in Mexico..."
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Accolades for

1) Using the Internet for your news.

2) Sharing your view.

3) Being able to link to a source.


1) That we will do our own research to be sure our point of view is accurate.
And stay open after that to a change of mind.

It is not about how we wish it was, but how it is.


1) Are the % of guns from the US figures accurate?

2) Drug cartels are now using automatic weapons (not available in the US gun shops) they are also using paramilitary terrorism with guerilla tactics, including car bombs, grenades, grenade launchers and antitank rockets
and roadside IED's. Do you think legislating the gun sales will actually accomplish anything? Do you feel the US should stop manufacturing these military items as well?

3) What overall effect will it have if we persecute those who violate any new legislation?

4) Could there be another agenda (besides trying to control guns in Mexico) behind the gun legislation?

4) How deep is the corruption?

My feelings

It seems the hardest thing for me to do is get above the specific situations and try to see the big picture. (as Noam Chomsky did in this unrelated issue). As average persons we find it very hard to believe (and do the research which validates) that elected officials or the world in general operate on such a corrupt level as some would have us believe. This is our short fall. While we don't have to become conspiracy people we do need to become more aware of what types of persons are running for office (new link), what proven events have happened in the past ( just on the drug issue, there are many many others). To be sure our minds are open the possibility that what appears to be a solution to a problem may just be another agenda to divert attention, line someone pockets, and or increase power.

It is time to legalize drugs.

All links and opinions welcome.

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