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Posted by Carol on July 15, 2009, 9:17 pm

Just a note for those of you that have IMSS: I have paid for insurance the last several years. When I got it, I was told to go to Melaque and register which I did. I was not told about an IMSS requirement that all people registering have to have various blood tests withuin six months of registering -- this requirement is apparently in small print on the back of the form they give you to fill out before you are registered for the first time.

I don't know whether it is because of the economy or because there have been lots of complaints about foreigners getting service or because this has always been the rule, but it a rule that is now being enforced.

Several people have had their IMSS cards confiscated in Melaque by the administrator there for not complying with this requirement. (He showed them to me.) He was not interested in the fact that I had paid for multiple years, that I had never needed to use the service (and wouldnīt have now except I heard about the confiscation)nor that no one had said anything about the requirement before.

In any event the new (or newly enforced) requirement, according to this administrator, is that IMSS will only register healthy people. If you put down a prior condition before they register you for the first time, you will not receive coverage. If you have a prior existing condition that you havenīt revealed and they discover it, you will be immediately disqualified from service.

Luckily, I had a friend with me that the administrator knew and so he cut me some slack, but it was a close call.

I think it would be good to hear from folks that are registered in Manzanillo or elsewhere and any other current stories about coverage.

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