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Re: plastic recycle program

Posted by D on July 19, 2009, 3:03 am, in reply to "Re: plastic recycle program"

I certainly like the last line in your post "emerging design".

I do a lot of Internet which exposes me to a lot of ideas and thought systems. I have already expressed feelings about this subject on this board before but I feel those expressions were a pathway to something more than they expressed. Let me try again to express what I want to learn.

I walk the beach here in La Manzanilla every night. What I do is to throw the plastic I find further up the beach to prevent it from going out to sea. I know people who walk the beach with plastic bags and fill them up as they go, ending up with huge amounts of trash. I can't seem to get to that level, I don't want to be encumbered as I walk, especially considering I already have a beer and a cigarette to contend with. My hat is off to those who are on that level.

I find most plastic does not go out to sea, it gets repeatedly washed ashore. When I go in the water I hardly ever find trash. What I would like to see is a challenging of authority and mind sets. It seems problems have been defined and solutions given which do not include local specifics.

"translucent soup" what the F?

If I were to take the order of problems listed on this link with those at the top being the biggest problem (not sure if that is true) then entanglement is #1. Yet there is little that I know of being done to educate fisherman on this situation.

Second is Plastic resin pellets. I see Styrofoam pellets in abundance along the beach but then again they never seem to go out to sea.

What seems to be the main reason to keep plastics out of the ocean is Photo degradation. The plastic breaks down into very small particles and really changes things drastically.

I have thought about handing out a flyer to those who visit the beach here in La Manzanilla encouraging them to pick up after themselves and others because the plastics get consumed by sea creatures which kills them. But is that true? There are some candies which are being sold in little nets which seem to be especially dangerous to sea creatures. Weather they are or not who knows?

I have criticized those who were legislating conformity vs. cultivating concern and local action based on what they see as problems and what they innovate for solutions, not what they are told to do. It's easy for me to critisize and do arm chair opinions. There are some who are good at taking action. I accept my non action but hope my mental actions cultivate something. What I want to help on is finding out #1 if there is a problem (other than visual) and #2 how can I encourage a course of action would be most beneficial locally.

I was walking down the beach last night when I came upon some kids dragging this turtle I asked them what they were doing? They said they were taking the turtle to the Delegado to find out how it died.

They did not need legislation to act, they did it on their own, this is the mindset which needs to be encouraged and cultivated.

Is there a way to start disecting dead animals to see how they died? Not how most of them die globally, how are they dieing here? If we had real stats then corrective action would be much more likely to follow.

We teach conformity to those who follow us yet we forget the invention of the wheel how big that was in that day, how those who allowed it to come to be had to break the mold of the norm. We legislate people into ecology without giving them a chance to come up with solutions on their own for their own reasons.

There is a world of ideas out there we have never thought of. I would like to find a way to encourage people to find new paths, new reasons for action and to basically disregard what the problem has been defined as. Then when and if a problem is found to work until all solutions have been exhausted. If legislation is the path then let the locals initiate it.

I feel I still missed what I wanted to say, I guess I am still formulating it myself.


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