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Posted by Jon on August 16, 2009, 12:02 am, in reply to "searchable archives"

This is some pretty powerful old reading:


Posted by D on 1/22/2003, 6:31 pm
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Here is my experience of the earthquake.

I was on my way home in the Jeep when everyone came running out of Rekina's store. I stopped the Jeep in confusion and then all the lights went off, I didn't know what was happening until Rekina said "tremblor!" Then suddenly my Jeep did some major rocking for a few seconds.

I looked up and realized that I had stopped right under some power lines so I jammed out of there. I didn't see any structures down or anything like that as I drove home. On my way up the hill I
could smell a lot of dust in the air but still didn't see any land slides nor damaged houses. I got home and besides the animals being a little excited there was no damage.

Looking out over the bay I could see lights on at La Locos but I think they were on an emergency generator. I listened for a difference in the waves of the ocean but didn't hear anything like the ocean going out or anything.

I hung out using candles for light for about 15 minutes and the power came back on, a bit dim but back on.

I got online and entered "Mexico Earthquake" into using the "news" tab and they already had two links to news reports on the quake saying that it was a 7.6 off the coast of Colima. Now that is search engine power!

Annie Mac called me from Maria's and said WOW, lots of movement but no damage that she could see. She said that there were lots of cars up by her, I am guessing it was people trying to get to high ground just in case of a tidal surge like the last earthquake in 1995.

Apache called, he and his family were fine, comparing Richard's story to my own experience I now know that they get a whole lot more shaking down on the flats that we do up on the mountain, its the liquefaction thing. Then the power went out again.

03-01-22 Wednesday

We have had a few after shocks since then making the animals act scared but nothing ajor (at least not major up here on the mountain).

I want to express my sympathy for all of those who lost loved ones in this earthquake, we are fortuante to have gotten off with as little damage as we did.


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