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Posted by Daniel on August 30, 2009, 10:48 pm, in reply to "Jimena update"
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Ignacio 1979

I was wondering what conditions led to Hurricane Ignacio 1979 making such a
sharp right turn?
It seems like a no brainer that it must have been a
high pressure system to the question is ......was it predicted to
turn by forcasters?

What satellite or other forcasting equipment was in use then?

Could a similar turn be missed given the technology in use today?

I did a Googled Hurricane Ignacio

There were several Hurricane's name Ignacio (seems like there are enough
names out there to not have to use any name twice, much less 5 times!

I went back to the Hurricane Ignacio page and checked the "talk" and
"revision history" of the page, not much there.

click on Ignacio 1979

Cool map, interseting summary of the season.......
Ignacio was the 9th hurricane...but not what I am looking for.

Strangley enough the next storm after Ignacio 1979 was a hurricane named Jimena...
the same name of the storm off our coast now......spooky?

I went to the refrences and dowloaded the PDF paper by Emil B. Gunther (1980).

Page 1 states that they had good satalitte coverage in those day's.

Down to page 10, a more detailed account of the hurricane but it only say's
"it turned east" nothing about if they predictded the turn.

Back to the Google page, I clicked on this link

Exactly what I am looking for but for the 2003 Ignacio, not the 1979 one.

I clicked on the top "Graphic Archive" link, it took me to all the graphics
for the 2003 storm! Cool, never seen that before.

Bottom of that page link "storm Archives"

Tons of information but not what I want.

I decided to refine my search
Googled Hurricane Ignacio 1979

Got this site with very nice graphics, no information

Most other sites just duplicated what was on the National Hurricane Center's site

This was a tid bit

Here is a fun quiz

This is a cool map of Ignacio (and other storms)
select 1979 then click the + sign next to Ignacio. Zoom in

Here is a NASA world weather clip.........wild!
Click on one and watch a time lapse of the global weather for a year

Here is a very unusual way of showing Ingacio......but its not the one I want

I did not go past page two of the Google search for Hurricane Ignacio 1979....
anyone want to continue the search?

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