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Posted by mokita on September 8, 2009, 3:23 am, in reply to "el jardin"

The jardin is the point of reunion for all the ones who departed from this world,is the place where you can feel them in a fiesta with out pretensions or prejudgment,all happy of belong to a magical town,where the routine make us forget how great it is, nothing really change, everything still the same, the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean and the perception that some body is keeping you company and they are happy that you are there and tell you about love and life in times where was no connection with the rest of the world and that makes it more special.
like la senora Paulina "Pola" mujer de mundo,beutiful like a movie star and her house was made out of palapa and surrounded by teresitas,chololos and sea shells on the oppus it side of the church, she never accepted the social rules of the time, she was proud and a revel like no other.
Don Carlitos, no body knew where he came from, the carpenter of the town another one who fall in to the magical whirlpool of la manzanilla, he was diferent,lonely but owner of a great respect in the town always in his world with out paying attention to no body really, in charge of making the coffin of whom ever "pass to veter life" in town.
Dona Edubijes she used to live right across from the "el molino", her house full of all kinds of animals and plants, every body's friend and benefactor of the less fortunate,like Layito the blind man who used to came every summer and spent a week in every house.
If you want to experience this go to el jardin at midnight and sit in a bench look at the sky listen to the ocean then you realize that this is true.

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