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Re: the party is over....

Posted by D on October 4, 2009, 4:47 pm, in reply to "the party is over...."

Hi Bob,

I think you mean a .30 which means I am glad they did take him in.
At that level even an experienced "I can hold my liquor" person is seriously impaired...
at least according to this source.

"It was determined that most people begin to show measurable mental impairment
at around 0.05% blood alcohol. At around 0.10% mental impairment will
show obvious physical signs, such as an unsteady walk. Slurred speech shows
up at around 0.15%. Unconsciousness results by 0.4%. Above 0.5%, the breathing"

Different states have different BAC (blood alcohol content) levels they arrest at,
some it's .03 (which to me is totally ridiculous and means if you have a
couple beers your over the limit)
others are more realistic. At least here you can pay at the pump (so to speak)
if your not too loaded.
It depends on how much and how fast you drank, and what your personal metabolism is.

I Googled "marijuana breath test"

I did not find much new aboutit (I didn't spend much time on it either),
they used to do something similar in Australia.
Seems they have a mouth swab test, field test for eye movement, smell or simple visual
stuff like blood shot eyes this guy


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