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Re: digital camera problems

Posted by D on November 16, 2009, 4:41 am, in reply to "Re: digital camera problems"
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Thanks Ken for expressing that thought,
I think "everything to everybody" is stretching it just a bit .

I get a kick out of looking stuff up. Just the right set of words,
usually in statement (not question) form and there it is.

It's fun to watch everyone assist others on this board,
kind of a glimmer of hope for humanity.

It would really be great to get the message board translated so we could
tap into all the knowledge of the locals.

The Mexican people are known world wide for their ability to innovate,
living here we see it every day.

The invention of the wheel was one of the biggest innovations in history,
only two groups of people did it on their own, the Mexicans were one of them.

It amazes me to think that it took so many thousands of years for people to invent the wheel, it seems so obvious from this place in time. Even when it was invented it took thousands of years for the idea to spread around the world. Imagine being a person who struggled with moving things around on a daily basis to have someone arrive and show you, in one minute, a method of moving things which was 1,000 times easier than the method you were using at the time, and that they did it with things you already had laying around! You would look at that and think.....why didn't I think of that? It's so obvious!

I believe that there are other wheels out there to be discovered, not just ones which take huge amounts of technology to implement, but also mental processes, awakenings that come from knowledge gained by technical processes such as the Hubble Deep Field photo. How can that awareness, that fact, not totally change the way we think? As with the invention of the wheel it may take some time to fully appreciate, but in time we will get it.

Collecting data is the first step toward wisdom
Sharing data is the first step toward community


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