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Re: digital camera problems

Posted by D on November 16, 2009, 10:58 am, in reply to "Re: digital camera problems"


That quote comes from a - Linux commercial

Just for play with it a bit............

On one level its actually a bogus statement, because collecting data may not be
the first step toward wisdom, in fact it may well be the first step away from wisdom.

Let's say that the data collected is knowing how to grow a crop instead of
just finding food in the wild. Once one has that data they could keep it for
themselves to make a profit and obtain power from it (which seeing the dog eat
dog of the way this world works may be the smartest most realistic thing to do)
or they could share it.
One reason one may share something with another is because they have compassion
for them, they see that another is hungry and show them a way to alleviate to grow crops.

The history of this world (from a evolutionary point of view) is that we
started with nothing and over a long period of time became what we are today.
It is said that "ideas are in the air", and that "there is nothing new under the sun",
we don't invent, we simply discover what is already there. The end result of
this process of discovery and innovation is that we are part of everything,
as it say's in the Caral Sagan tribute "we are made of star stuff".
There never was anything missing but our awareness of that.

With that kind of understanding / expereince we now share because you are me,
I won't be aware that I have everything unless I give what I have.
Its the ultimate expression of abundance. From that awareness collecting
data can be seen as an action someone does when they have forgotten what
or whom they are, they share with others who have forgotten as well.

Perhaps the sentence should say

Awareness of oneness is wisdom
Community is celebrating that

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