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Missing Turkey

Posted by Danko on November 26, 2009, 12:27 am friends aneye are upset becuase our freakin' turkey...sorry, actually the "Turrk" has gone missing. El thinks just because he was invited to "dinner" tomorrow??.....that perhaps he fled?! Duh?? El, u think?... Who the Fuxxk is on the freakin' menue!! (now El's gonna cry because dinner may have tobee lamb...yum.) Anyway, I don't care somuch, Gawd loves that lamb thing too...(yuknow allthat past ritual crap....I just like lamb that Greekn' godesss. GIRL!! rock!! Gawd hates that little reminder...esp. when he gets nasty drinkin' too much. I hate it when Gawd sez, "...and I have all the wine I want and the rest of the EVERRYTHINGTOO."

Anyway, if you see the Turrk, he's the one who has that cool little catholic Cardinal HatyThingy we made for him a coulple of months, eyedowno, that vagina-looking BigHeadhat...god I love those on my face too...esp. round a holiday hey?

El thinks the Turrk's just a little "Antsii" and maybe alittle, like, areugonnakillaneatmyass?? and so on (fair enough queation I thought)...just too metaphorically inclined and, maybe just too, well, read kinda' from the Turrkism religion position. Idonno, maybe, I don't know Turrks so well, and Gawd said he made the Turrk a FREAKIN' BishopHop Damn near Cardinal or something...but we all know about Gawd's problem with that shit youallowe my ass lineof crap eyemthinkin'(younow...whenever "eye" getta freafin' ticket!! ...just a "flippin' "MOOOvin violation Mhan!, all of a suddin, El's Gone and Gawd's just lookin' the other way out the window mahn!! like he don't want to be seen widme!?

Anyways "didyusee the moonsky" Gawd sez (after my "violation"...for...MOOvin' and just lookin for the Turrk again)...wait a tick, there he is...

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