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Re: Missing Turkey

Posted by Danko on November 28, 2009, 1:50 am, in reply to "Re: Missing Turkey"

TEa anyone? I need to apologize for El and myself for that first negative reaction to the wedding (Innah FREAKIN' Birds...CAVity!!)....I know Wat yer tinkin'; Calmm Downnnn...Its all good.

And It WAS!!

Sooo much too our SUPRise toooo!!!, its was a casual and fun group of a wedding paretae', who really knew twotossITuP!. (I'ld really never stood ankle-deep in gravey mingleing about the freakin' inside of a freakin' turkey at someone's wedding!....Really. And I'm clear on that....till now)

eyemean BloodyHell... (El, throw down some sock slak here right?) doin' shots of Raicilla no less!! (that part was so righeous of the Bride doonuknow! She was so pretty too. I mean WOW!!,lucky guy)

But, then you get to meet so MMANY interesting personalities at a wedding doanuknow! a Roach...He's/She's (not sure) workin' seecURity!...ahh big bugga'too (I was thinkin' against WHAT??? GoDzilla?]

How about those Danish People? El's lik..."daresotall and....flippin' Blond mahnn....FAantastica!!!" (I thought sotoo), but asIT happens, THEY know a Lebanese couple, whoo, as friends relaadid too the the wedding, were making the desert cofffee!? (WOW I love that coffee now!)

I told El, I don't really drink coffee (bothers my stomach these daze, bye comin' around and jus flippin' hangin' out, Lik FOREVER yakin' so much unow!), and, really, I've never had/heard of individual couches where you lay down for coffee? I guess in Lebanon they just sortaa REAlly Enjoytheir Cfeine hey?

So they make this REALLY thickarss Strong Black coffee (lik sticky) for us...El told me not to worry toomuch 'bout my stomach, since they refine the coffee over and over down to "Hardcoffeelik cake Chunks and you don't consume as much, he sez" ..........

oookay, so uknow those Danish people...I lik them and thier Lebanese friends soo much...EYEmean Smoking coffee cakes was the best part of dinner .

Its like Gawd sez "Any Thing" is possible. {I hate it sometimes when Gwad sounds like God.}


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