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2012?? THE END??

Posted by Danko on December 2, 2009, 3:46 am

SOooww the END of the MYHan Calander... you think? WhELL, weehav been givin' this alaota'thoought really. Its truue!, El anI all day werejusta bit wonderin, BUT then doanunowit Gawd"s Lik...."its maybee more likely thatheed just died! ! (what the bloddyhell is that too mean I'm thinkin'??) El's agreein' of course with Gawd (again)...."The last guy makin' them calanders...well shit...he just upan died isall!!" (maybe they wern't selling so good of late or somethin" yooknow?.

Antway, weee Doannow about that for sure...BUT EARs ahnother....Gawd Sez he heard this from someone, he said from a soul: "who knew possibly where to go, but didn't just yet know how to get there."....(correct me if I'm wrong El), but Gawd said it went LiK this; She said;

"THe World will End exactly at the moment all WAR everywhere ends" (like all wars evereywhere all at once kinda' thing i think she ment?) (El and I and Gawd thought that was a bit PRofoundLiK? yooThinK?)..."at the very end of all hate" she said. Sooo.Maybe...the ENd is comin'ahn goin....all theetimemahn. Lik Gawd sez too; "shitappenin allldeetime. ONLYquestion iss...aghh Yue Elpin' or aghh yue Hurtin?

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