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Books to read?

Posted by Danko on December 5, 2009, 2:38 am here's wat El and I found to read in LAmANZ....a little looksee;

1) "More Limericks"..."The Largest Collection of Limericks EVER published, Erotic or Otherwise....2750 printed here. "None is otherwise published"...NEWYork By BELL PuB. Company 1980...(now I juss gotta ask...wat THEBloddy HeLL Were u guys doin' in 1980?) jussfor example:

"Little Romances #183...
"There's nothing like living in sin
you've got a nice place to live in,
Not to mention a gal
Who is more than a pal
With a hole that fits your pin."


Zoophily #1273...
"An innocent chap named Mcbean
In sex ways terribly green.
With a choice between girls
And all else, he picks squirrels,
Which in parks makes for quite a scene!"

Thagh rest is quite a little Dirtee (even byemy own seeminlylow experimental standards)...suBJects LiK; (ORGANS),(STRANGE INTERCOURSE), (ORAL IRREGULARITY) (?) BUGGERY(?) (EXCREMENT)(HUH? not kidding), (GOURMANDS), (VIRGINITY), (MOTHERHOOD), (PROSTITUTION),(LOSSES)Etc. Etc. WOW!

EYE MEAN Really, THis HARdcover off the shelf here in little LaManz?? (I'm thinkin' for sure I missed my early Reagan 80's years jussa' bit doanunow what I mean?....AGHND Yoou?

OoH yes, and next book;

2)"Skinny Legs And All" by Tom Robbins...1990. El and eyelov Tom Robbbins, but agreee with Gawd....Kinda' ditto on the above...he sorta'putDem Limericks into yet another greatstory.

and finally:

3)"Pathways in Philosophy"...Dale JacQette, 2004 (for a buck, no shit!) in which, with a quick read, well,

You'll be very confused about the first two books.


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