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Posted by siegfried on December 5, 2009, 2:19 pm, in reply to "SANTANA REALESTATE FRAUDS ???"

hey, as you may notice, the moderator did his job and aksed for the e-mail adresses of those 3 ghost posts, one could of course speculate where they came from ?!( it fits the style !)
juan had said something to the effect that people come here for the peace and tranquility of the place and insinuated that i am disturbing that 'setting' and should go back to where i came from.
and he is right for the first part, i/ we too came here for the easy going lifestyle, for the peace and quiet. but then my peace and quiet went away because some-one took all my money three years ago with the pretext that i invest it in real estate, but they never delivered the papers of ownership nor possession and so my money is gone and we have nothing to sell or to show for that 'ėnvestment', it turned out that i invested in the santana live well fund and you can imagine what that did to me/us financially, not fun !
now that we are in the middle of legal actions and are actively looking to hook up with other victims of these schemes, juan says we are making unwarranted waves ?!

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