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Posted by Siegfried Sch. on December 7, 2009, 12:33 am, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REALESTATE FRAUDS ???"

to ROB : very good and valid question, the short answer is i did not have one then, big mistake !!!
the long answer is the original story which, if you are interested, you can find in archives of this message board under " santana real estate nightmare".it is a long story that is why i had to split it into three parts/posts.
To JOHN : the goal was to invest and sell later as funds would be required, never looked for get rich quick schemes. the phylosophy is valid, but you need to deal with honest people to make it work !
To CHERYL : when you take over or re-open the doors of an establishment where the previous enterprise
at the same location was in the same business, you do not have much of a choice but to "assume"
the good will and the bad that was generated by
the previous 'group'. it may be unfortunate for you that you re-opened those particular doors.
now are telling us about about the professional
Standards that you brought along from up north.
but then you go on and make a statement( the information is simply not true !) that sort of hints at what these Standards are or seem to be. if you really were interested in stating the TRUTH you would have done a bit of research or waited for the outcome of the criminal and civil courtcases ( ours as well as the others) instead of simply repeating what you were told by one party.
of course it is understandable that you want to distance yourself from the negative outfall of the santana operation, but your "explanation"
of the presence of the santanas and their 'old staff' at your place is not very convincing. in fact it does not take too much 'digging' to find that you ( mexico property resources) do appear to be or actually are a part of the santana group.

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