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Re: Check out the Sarz

Posted by Danko on December 11, 2009, 1:54 am, in reply to "Check out the Sarz"

Well be sure to check the Planent's out twooo!...Mars will shine at its best...and you'll get tooSEE it! where the a great black starlit night seeemssoo'Takenn' foreGratghnted edoanoho)(seeems so taken for granted, I don't know), for granted maybe eh? Just look to the sky with a chef's eye:

Mars reaches its total beauty when it gets into its opposition thingy (peak visibility)...and theres's not a lot that gives such beauty in oppossiion!! (El sez in life it maybeee dat perhaps (my word El) that thiss isstrue twooo!)...Doannobout that one.

Okay, SO, just find your way to the end of Juanuary (this coming year I mean)...youdoaneven (you don't even)need a freakin' telescope/cellphone/microwave/or Taxi! or... eveenTEEEVEE!...except of course if there's a gameon eh? Wait till midnight for your viewen' time (viewing time, when deegameisss over!).

And also...DO NOT' forget about the west, way west, on a clear dark night... sporting a display of All FOUR! of its visible moons!! (Jupiter's just so daghn Darin' and naked an ol'that.


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