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Message from Frank Orozco

Posted by Daniel on January 8, 2010, 3:58 am

Frank Orozco (the new assistant chief of police) came into the office
Thursday afternoon and gave me the following information.

He said it has been slow going, that when they took over the police
department they found a bad situation. The prior administration had
directed funds to a private security company. There were few firearms,
some of the police had not been paid the last 4 pay checks and that the
ex chief of police was on the run.

On February 5th the mayor, chief of police and himself would be going to
Blue Bay and to La Manzanilla.

Blue Bay has donated radio equipment, including a retransmitter and a
guard shack location which will allow the police in La Manzanilla to
be in direct contact with La Huerta.

He is in the process of training 4 police officers who will be
fluent in English and have paramedic and life guard skills as well.
They will be wearing black shorts, a white polo shirt with the words Tourist Police.
They will not be carrying machine guns or shot guns, only pistols.

After the Tourist Police are in place he will train and action unit
for response to things like robberies. He also hopes to add a K9 unit
for rescue operations.

All of the past robberies, assaults and other incidents are archived at
the state academy in Guadalajara.

Frank is Mexican, he grew up in the US, was a soldier in the Gulf war
and then worked with the Huston police swat unit.
He looks forward to making La Manzanilla and the area safer.

Here is a photo I took of Frank and his ...uhm...assistant. (sorry its a bit blurry).

The above is from my notes, I hope it is all accurate


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