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my experience of bringing my 6 lb dog to Barra

Posted by Patti on January 12, 2010, 10:13 pm

I appreciate everyones response prior to my trip Dec. 25th and my question of accurate information regarding what is really required. Here is my current experience. I boarded at PDX (US) I was asked about my dog, I presented the vets health certificate that I got from my vet a week earlier, with that it stated that my dog had his rabies shot 8/08 and good for 3 years therefore my vet did not give him another rabies shot. She also provided a copy of him receiving a DA2PP at the same time
( not sure what that is). No one looked or cared about that. We flew down landed in LA, no request to relook at his health certificate. Got off in Manzanillo, no request to look at his paper work, I'm not even sure they knew I had a dog with me. When we left after 2 weeks, no request to look at his health certificate just boarded the airplane, in LA same thing no request to look at his paperwork. It was completely devoid of any hassle.
I believe if one stays longer then 30 days in MX with their dog they have to go to a MX vet and get another health certificate at least this is what the Alaska airlines alludes to on their web based informational site. I also ran into a lady from Alaska and she stays for 6 months with her dog who states you have to go to a MX vet for a health certificate when you stay that long and the vet gives the dog another rabies shot whether its time or not. I hope this helps. No guarentees as we know everything is subject to change. But this smooth sailing was even during the time that in the US there was an on board bomb scare and the Hawaii incident and security tightened up. It is $100.00 each way to fly your dog. The only issue I had with my dog on the plane is that he responded as if in pain when we were descending, the same time all the little kids started fussing so I believe there is a certain point in the altitude that his ears bothered him, and his fussing lasted about 15 minutes. Does anyone know any magic for that as I hate to put him through that. Additionally, as of this year there has been a federal mandate in the US that there must be a potty break area for dogs at airports. We found it at the LA airport and it was very nice.
The only thing I would do differently is to cut my dogs hair up shorter as he is a pom and he did get hot, otherwise will be doing it again soon.

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