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Posted by Daniel on January 17, 2010, 9:36 pm

Yolanda and Leon,

I was sitting on the beach, the beautiful sunset happening, Venus hovering
over the thumbnail moon. A friend had just come from your restaurant, he said
that just as he got there Lyla (sp), you beloved dog had just died.
They all did a shot of Tequila in memory of her and then they sent you home,
reliving you of your work duties.

I am so sorry for Lyla's trancending.

They say that the closest thing in the world to the love of God is the love mother's
and father's have for a child. I, having no children, don't know about that realm.
In my world the loss of a dog is the greatest loss there is, bar none.
The unconditional love they give daily is the goal to which we should all aspire.
You may come home in a bad mood and not greet them, ignore them, yet then,
and later, they constantly say "are you ready now?" Are you ready to receive
the love I have for you?

Here in La Manzanilla one of the most prominent lessons the local Mexican's
give me is the way that they handle death. I just saw a funeral procession this evening,
most of the town was there, supporting, loving not only those who suffered
the direct loss, but supporting each other, as they had all experienced loss.
Where I come from death is covered over....or something like that.
Suffice it to say it is not embraced or included into life the way it is here.
If I could learn one thing from them (glad I don't have to make that decision)
it would be the way they handle death.

At times of natural disasters petty grievances held between neighbors fade
and the predominant situation erases them. Loss of loved ones also produces
similar changes in the hierarchy of priorities.
Please accept my deepest condolences at this time of loss for you.
May we learn love, and then be answered.

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