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Posted by s.sch on January 19, 2010, 8:31 pm

Last winter we encountered kayak dave at the comida japones and i looked at what he was drinking and asked what it was. Calpico he answered.
we tried it and...loved it !!! so much so, that we had to do a bit of research into that stuff ! it tastes a like yoghurt with a hint of lemon, very tasty and refreshing !
Well, here is what we found out. Calpi(s), as it is known in japan, was started there by a man who had travelled through Mongolia and was drinking there the original mongolian version. He found that it not only was refreshing, he also felt rejuvenated and energized by the drink of healthy and natural ingredients. So he decided to intoduce the stuff to japan and in a matter of a few years it became a 'standard' drink over there, a drink that everyone knows and very many people love and enjoy.
We found a source of the calpis concentrate and lupi at Kenny Burgers is offering Calpico as a standard bebita .if you would like to try it, just ask lupi or doa chila and they will pour you a small sample glass. she also has it available in "bulk" (so to speak), so if you decided that you like Calpico, you can also buy it by the liter and take it home.
Bulk pricing : $ 39.lupis bottle ,$ 35.- your bottle. let us see what the folks in LaManz think of this healthy and refreshing drink that is so popular in japan!!

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