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three day total........

Posted by deanna on February 4, 2010, 11:41 am, in reply to "Re: rain fall"

We've received 6.12 inches of rain over the past
three days - .50/inch on Tuesday, 4.80 inches on Wednesday and .73/inch overight. To compare it to our "rainy season" last year, here's what happened:

June: 5.52 inches
July: 3.07 "
August: 3.57 "
Sept: 5.03 "
Oct: 6.35 "

December then produced 6.1 inches - totally unexpected - to make 2009's total 26.48 inches - the 2008 total was 41.56 inches.

So far this year, adding in January's .34/inch, we've had 6.46 inches before the rainy season even

The Barra report this morning said we may get more rain next week. Hard to believe, and it makes me realize how jaded we are about from La Manzanilla's winter weather. How many times this week have you heard someone complaining about how it's "not supposed to rain in February?" - even though it never got below 70 degrees during the day and the ocean was warm and inviting. There are a multitude of people out there who would give anything to be right here, right now - rain or no rain. Basta already!

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