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Re: The Moderator

Posted by Moderator on March 4, 2010, 11:03 am, in reply to "The Moderator"

Hi Camilla,

Take responsibility for the post and it stays,
what is so hard to understand?

Look above where I called Bill Mr.Irritating, how many times have I written to
Bill asking him to identify himself? Yeah, its getting irritating.
Do you think moderating a board with as many post as this one is easy?

Have you ever visited a message board where the posters don't have to
identify themselves? It turns into a bunch of name calling, lies and advertisements,
hardly what most would call valuable, interesting or communication.

This topic in particular is quite sensitive, if someone were to take retribution
for something some person said, who we don't even know,
who is not even a part time resident of La Manzanilla, would that be ok with you?

That is just a couple of reasons to have a "responsibility" message board,
there are many others which I will be happy to dialog with anyone who cares to,
perhaps you should start a post on the subject so others can express their opinions.

There are other message boards for La Manzanilla where one can create a
temporary email address, create an account with a made up name and post
what they want. I encourage those who want to remain anonymous to use them.

Moderator D

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