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Recent Information on Frank Orozco

Posted by Daniel on March 5, 2010, 10:27 am

Last week on the 27th of February Frank came into the office with a folder of his personal papers and a DVD of him training some troops and police for swat. He wanted me to help him get the information to the public. So I started scanning them. While I was doing that he was talking about the case, I said whoa, this is what people would like to hear. He said ok, just this one last time, and with his permission I turned on the tape recorder, recorded his statement and then transcribed it (see below). I did some work trying to change the DVD into a format which would play for most people, that took a couple of day's work and I never got it done.

There are at least two persons who have gone to the courthouse in Washington and gotten copies of the actual court papers, I was emailed three of the most pertinent documents. They clearly contradicted Franks statement of the 27th and in my opinion were conclusive evidence that Frank's story was false. I never mentioned to Frank about the persons getting the court papers nor that I had seen copies of them. I did not post the information Frank gave me and as the week progressed it appeared that Frank was going to just disappear from the scene.

This morning March 5, 2010 Frank calls me and ask me why the documents he gave me are not on the message board? I told Frank about the court documents and how they contradicted the statement that he had given me, so I never put them up. He said he wanted me to post the documents and the statement. I was quite surprised at this request seeing as official documents were contradicting what he said. He said something to the effect of if the truth came out he would have a law suit against the state of Washington which would rock their world. He said that truth is why he got so much support in Houston and Mexico, that he is still working for the La Huerta police. He said that he came to the decision recently that this may be the time to clear this up in his life once and for all.

Here is the transcript of 10-02-27

Basically to make a long story short, I was in the military at the time, I loaned my car to a couple of GI's. I knew what they were doing, I knew it was either running guns or drug's to someone who only spoke Spanish. I did not go in on the deal with them but I did lend them my car several times and they paid me good. One of the guys ended up raping this girl, my car got Identified.

The crime scene was about a block away from a restaurant I used to frequent, on the other side of that restaurant I lived about a block away. I took my mom and my two brothers to this restaurant, we were sitting there eating and all of a sudden all these cop cars swarm the restaurant. They asked who the car belonged to, I said it was mine and they took me into custody. Then they released me.

They called me two day's later to ask if I would submit to a polygraph test, I did. During that time I received a phone call from one of the guys I loaned the vehicle to, he told me if I did anything to release information about them that they would basically get rid of my family. I was scared, I was 22 at the time, young and I wasn't thinking. I didn't know how to handle the situation so I ended up failing on some of the questions that they asked me on this polygraph test. Once they took me into custody and charged me with formal charges my hands were tied. I didn't know what was going to happen to my family, I kept quiet. I ended up in prison for 7 years.

Once I got out the military took me into custody, because if a person ends up inside of a state institution, incarcerated, your time freezes inside the military. Once your time is up military personnel go to the prison and they take you into their custody to determine what is going to happen. For the first time since all of this took place I divulged all the information because my family had gone to different places, 7 years had gone by and I felt more comfortable about divulging in reality what was going on. I don't know for a fact that one of these guy's committed this crime, but I did loan them my car, I was making money so they could use my car to do what it was they were doing. And that is why there is a lot of people in Texas, both in the military and in the law enforcement community that believe this statement. It's a complicated case, but they supported me in every way shape and form and I ended up getting what I have currently, because of their support.

Here are the links to the documents I scanned for Frank. These are fairly high resolution PDF files and may take a moment to load.

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