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Re: Nonviolent Communication Seminar

Posted by Cristie Holliday on March 10, 2010, 2:22 am, in reply to "Re: Nonviolent Communication Seminar"

Jean, Helga, Nancy and Petra,

(Regret delay in responding: I'm sad and embarassed I missed your responses till now; especially since I requested them asap. So you don't think I was goofing off I want you to know that where I was house sitting and the satellite was suddenly on the 'funky', my pc didn't work there, (thus I borrowed one) and I thought responses were going to be emailed to my inbox. So I didn't look on the message board.

Now!I really appreciate your questions because they allow me to clarify and give answers for you and all those who may share your concerns but not have the time or energy to ask them.

Will do my best to answer all of them here.

Regarding requested donations: I would love it if so many people come and donate that I can cover my expenses for travel, and the costs associated with putting on this event like printing, eating, etc. I am hoping that this is clear. Whether it is in pesos or USD, I am looking for $480.

There is no profit involved. And it could be that 25 people could somehow manage to donate this much among them or perhaps one person could cover the nut so everyone else could come in and donate to make sure I come back and have money then.

This is the way my meditation center puts on courses. You get so much out of it you want (but don't have) to donate for the next person(s) who want to sit a course.

No one is turned away for lack of funds, but I'm stating my needs and request up front so that hopefully everyone's needs can be met, including my own. Does this make sense?

I am happy as a puppy in a puddle to handle all levels. My understanding in all my classes is that if the material is familiar to me there's always learning for me in how my instructor handles what comes up. In other participant's questions and issues, I can adapt what I know in new ways situations.

I have always been stimulated with this attitude and welcome those really familiar with nvc to practice a little teaching during class by role-modeling concepts with me, to take the lead in explaining something or whatever.

There are always new models of teaching and I'm excited to share the most recent ones I've learned.

Nansee, I welcome your friends' emails. It is the 9th and I'm hoping to have an idea in the next 4-5 days days about whether or not this event is going to grow wings and fly to La Manzanilla.

Thank you for connecting with me even though you've not heard back until now. I'm at my home base and the signal is strong, my attention is on the message board, so I'll get your messages 'write away'

ciao for now,



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