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I'm crushed

Posted by Daniel Hallas on March 30, 2010, 10:49 pm
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The photo below is what I saw going on in La Manzanilla today.
It seems the powers that be have decided to bring the hammer down upon
the little pueblo of La Manzanilla via ticketing quad runners and motorcyclist
for no license plates.

What really hurt was to see a few motorcycles confiscated for either
no license or no helmet.

Seems to me if there is going to be a change of policy i.e. an enforcement
of the rules that have never been enforced before, then there
should be a warning, then action at a later date. To hit the residents
of La Manz with this action without warning is just mean spirited.

I saw guys who are trying to make a living, feed their families, be good people,
removed from their motorcycles and have to walk on down the road,
just to face even more problems than they already had!

Later in the day this big ass flat bed truck come along to collect the
confiscated motorcycles. To say that I had flash backs of the US would
be exactly correct. I can see the money trail now, the truck driver
gets paid, the motorcycle impounded, the poor guy who got caught now has
a huge fine to get his motorcycle back, probably somewhere along the lines
of two weeks pay. And just where does all that money go and who gets a cut?

I don't know who was behind this rude behavior, La Huerta or Cihuatlan but
my response is that I think you are seriously out of line.
Where is your compassion, where is your fairness? Where were you raised in the USA?
Do you think you are building a better community by acting like this?


Your breaking my heart!


Daniel Hallas
(located in the real estate office, right across the street where you did this shit)


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