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Re: Selling a Vehicle

Posted by Don Binkley on April 8, 2010, 10:28 am, in reply to "Re: Selling a Vehicle"

Greg, have you since driven down and crossed in a vehicle registered in with the same links as the Dakota???

Here's what happened to me in 2003, my truck was entered with my FM3 and when I re-entered the USA I did not have the sticker removed nor was I taken out of the database. The truck died, and 6 months later I attempted to cross back into mexico in my vw and again used my FM3. That set off the alarms and they told me that I could not enter mexico with another car. I had to go home get the truck running and drive it to the border and have the banjercito inspect it, prove I had not sold it in mexico...this was done with the help of a hispanic/american lawyer friend. They were pretty nice about seeing the condition of old truck.

If I had attempted to cross with my US passport or just a birth certificate to get a tourist visa, I could have done so and continued to do this for years. I also could have crossed with Sandy in a car registered in her name. It was the FM3 link that did me in.

If you are sure that you have crossed with the same documents that you had when you entered mexico in 2000 with the Dakota, then you can probably get it reimported without any problem. I have also heard of services in mexico that for 2x the amount of the temp. import fee, you can obtain a new permit without driving to the border but I have only known of people who have driven up to Laredo, spent the night and then crossed back with a new year's import sticker and papers. Don

Again ask Mike B or Willy what they do for this.

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