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Re: FM3 vs FMM

Posted by jon and ar on April 10, 2010, 11:37 pm, in reply to "Re: FM3 vs FMM"

Nobody really knows yet what will come down. It seems to me that issuing an FMM in place of an FMT would hurt the Mexican economy, if that FMM limited the traveler to half a year per annum in Mexico per issuance. What if you wanted to be a tourist for two weeks a year, one in each half? If they are trying to get you to become an immigrant, FM3 or FM2, then it might make a little sense, because these documents are much more traceable and generate a lot more income. But they are alreay traceable and generating income. If they actually succeed in switching over to a credit card/swipe technology, you better be sure they issue paper receipts before you cross the border with an FM2. This is the Twilight Zone for sure. I would expect delays in implementation (usually the rule for any such change anyway).
The IMSS tarjetas electonicas can't be read by 90+ percent of IMSS clinics. It is almost all still done on paper. These cards were "required" by law last year. Fewer than 20% of IMSS members have them. We certainly don't have them. They won't matter in the scheme of things until the clinics have a way to read the data on them. By the time that happens, the technology will be hopelessly outdated. The whole process will start all over again, with a miniscule percentage of clinics able to afford yet again another new digital machine to break. It isn't hopeless, paper will still rule. Bring your own pillow.
But I diverge. The same thing is likely with the ambitious new Federal immigration system. One can't get a straight answer from anyone in the Calderon administration about these INM changes. We'll see.

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