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What are my options . . . .

Posted by Valerie on May 3, 2010, 11:53 am

Let's calm down a bit a think about this . . .

We are getting ready to head north and I am thinking about a few things ...

Just how many vehicles are we talking about here; so far I am aware of the one couple from La Manz, and through the El Sol newspaper in Mazatlan we are aware of a Mexican also losing his vehicle. How many more can we actually say, for sure , have been appropriated?

If a caravan has been created, just what will be done? Say you are the last vehicle in this train, and you have been targeted and pulled off the road at gun point - what are the others going to do? Let you get pulled over and then come back for you? Maybe get together as a group and circle the bad guys, only to possibly get shot for their efforts? Just what will a caravan ensure?

The ubiquitous "they" say that newer trucks and SUVs are being targeted, white or black, and able to "blend" in with the traffic. So, the tendency now is to make your vehicle as dirty and unappealing as possible. What if you make your vehicle MORE noticeable by painting something on it ~ make it look like some type of company vehicle (Bimbo, etc), paint a bogus web page on it to make it stand out ~ something that will make the thieves NOT choose your vehicle out of the hundreds on the roads, as they select their "getaway" vehicle.

What if the vehicle is not so random as that - what if there is some jerk at the Pemex, sees you and the missus being a bit of a milktoast getting your fuel and thinks "aha! here's someone who won't fight back - let's get their truck" - so it really doesn't matter what you do to your vehicle, its YOUR attitude that is determinate.

Anyway - these are some of the things I've been thinking about as we pack up our truck and get ready for heading north.

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