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The Day the Music Didn't Change

Posted by Daniel on May 4, 2010, 6:57 pm, in reply to "The Day the Music Died"
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Good link Don,

Wow, shocking article which contained three new words for me, each of
them powerful on their own. There was a great link on the word gang members

Loose translation -

narcocorridos - songs glorifying those who defy the law.
(Right there on your tube. "Let's ban that in public", that should do it...
it has worked before....not.)

narco culture - people who embrace those who defy the law. (mainly the drug laws,
not sure what word is used to describe those (almost everyone)
who embrace those who defy most of the other laws...oh yeah...normal culture)

Santa Muerte - patron saint of death.

As I thought about it I realized that just the words are new,
the meanings I have heard before.

narcocorridos - Rock and roll was once considered to be out of the boundaries
of the accepted norm. It defied the law and got similar censoring....for a while.

Now rappers like 50cent glorify gang culture openly. But he also writes books
like The 50th Law "Understand: we are all too afraid - of offending people,
of stirring up conflict, of standing out from the crowd, of taking bold action.
For thousands of years our relationship to this emotion has evolved --
from a primitive fear of nature, to generalized anxiety about the future,
to the fearful attitude that now dominates us. As rational, productive
adults we are called upon to finally overcome this downward trend
and to evolve beyond our fears."

narco culture - From before, and during the period of alcohol prohibition
to the current day's of illegal drugs there are many movies that
glorify gangsters
like The God Father or smugglers like Tony Montana.
They are society's secret and not so secret hero's, they set the fashion,
their slang becomes mainstream, their morals affect ours and we give them Oscar's.

Santa Muerte - This page say's it is nothing new.

All over the world those who conquer the fear of death are held in high esteem.
Extreme sports, war hero's, even the average person who saves the baby
in the burning building.

The fear of death is worse than death

Have the courage to live. Anyone can die

Santa Muerte may hold its attraction for some, for me its people like
Alex Honnold and Dean Potter who said "For me a big door has opened,
and I'm seeing the world now through different eyes".

It seems to be less about death and more about feeling most alive.

Basically there are these people who aren't playing by the rules,
they find life in danger, they have gotten past the guilt and moral
restrictions of killing. The military churns out killers every day.
Soldiers say that there is no greater feeling of being alive than when
you are in a close proximity battle where death is all around you and
possible at any moment. There are professional soldiers who are
hooked on that rush.

So once again they are trying to eliminate something by making it illegal.
When will we learn that the best way to make something popular is to
make it illegal. Legalize drugs and most of this problem will go away...eventually.

It is the people who need to face their fears. This situation will never
change until we are all ready to stand up and be counted as those who
want change to happen. The longer we hide behind fake poster names,
as long as we are not ready to take a public stand things will
continue to erode. Until one day we finally say "enough" and have a mass
protest. Why wait? Lets do it now.

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