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RE:El Día Que Tomamos Tenacatita

Posted by D on January 4, 2011, 8:07 pm, in reply to "Re: To Add Tenacatita link - January 2011"
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Hi John,

I started to do this post after your submission yesterday, which I thought was
really a great synopsis.

Your editing, your footage, the way you are presenting the really excellent!
You have come a long way in media presentation, my hat is off to you.

Now....with all this freedom of expression, all this communication we have, how
do we make it work for us?

One thing I bumped into lately (which made me wonder, how do the some of the most oppressed
people in the world get their message out?) certainly the Palestinians fit into that category.
Here is a link I saved (I have not had time to read it all) which deals
with that subject. It is not necessarily the Palestinians I want to focus on here,
it is how and what methods are they using to get local and global attention
to their plight.

and the reddit comments - Busy web site, give it time to load.

Keep going, there is a big door somewhere on the horizon. I don't know who is going
to be the one to show it to us, but something inside me tells me it exist and
that it will totally rock our world when we find it. "They got the guns, but we got the numbers.
Gonna win yeah, we're taking over. Come on"!


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