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The Goveror and Villalobos

Posted by Don on January 5, 2011, 2:44 pm, in reply to "Re: The Goveror of Jalisco and Tenacatita"

You are absolutely correct on the good old boy club.
The only thing that these people understand is money and power. How can they get more of each and they don't care what or who they have to step on to get more. I think the only thing that will get there attention is if we can get the average person to see that Villalobos and the governor are in bed together on Expo Guadalajara as well as Tenacatita. Villalobos is supplying security for the state and who knows what else. We need to try and get all of the info we can on the ties between these two. We need to make it be known that we will not support Expo Guadalajara with our money as long as Villalobos and the governor continue to steal from the people of Mexico. We need to contact anyone and everyone that we know in Canada and the US and let them know that we will not come to or spend our money at the Expo this year. Diane G, John Frost and Captain Michael you can use your blogs to help show and spred the word on the corruption and the need to boycot the expo. I am so frustrated that they think they can get away with this kind of moral perversion without consequences. As John said previously we need to put on our big boy pants. Lets try and hit them where it will hurt in the pocket book.

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