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Re: Playa Tenacatita Remains Closed

Posted by Daniel on January 6, 2011, 2:34 pm, in reply to "Playa Tenacatita Remains Closed"

A poorly written article

"Off Limits — Boaters can still anchor well off Playa Tenacatita near the “Aquarium” diving reef, but they cannot go ashore on the beach due to a continuing land dispute".

* This has been dis-proven by John Frost and the picnic. It should say permission to land may or may not be granted by the police.

"As of Dec. 23, locals told the Guadalajara Reporter newspaper that, when they tried to get to the beach, they were met by “several armed guards” stationed behind locked wire fences blocking the road".

* That is by road, not landing on the beach. If one leaves their ID they may be granted access through the gate they mention.

"Guards patrolling in boats are also reported to be blocking dinghy access to the west end of the lagoon — formerly known to visiting boaters as the “Jungle River Dinghy Excursion” — in the Rebalsito municipality".

* That covers the Lagoon, not landing on the beach. I have not heard from anyone attempting that lately to know what the current status is.

Perhaps it is just my going by what I "know" that leads me to see the article as not accurate. The more people who use the beach or document their being denied permission to use the beach the better. With articles like this both of those actions are discouraged resulting in no access and no refusal i.e. a bolstering of Villalobos position.


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