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CNN Mexico links

Posted by Daniel on January 15, 2011, 3:25 pm, in reply to "Another article on cnn Mexico"
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Thanks for the post.

In the article they link to a few articles, all of them (listed below) are from CNN Mexico.
For some reason (perhaps because there are none) I don't remember CNN Mexico
being on the list of the Tenacatita links on this message board in the past.

I went to the Google news search for Tenacatita and did not see any links from CNN Mexico
on the results. I wonder why that is?

Edit: Going to - - CNN Mexico - and searching for Tenacatita, the only results I get are a couple
from August and then other coverage starting late December, the ones listed below.
Strange...sporadic coverage.

Since CNN is a TV media (no print that I know of) do the links indicate actual on air coverage?


CNN Mexico - January 7, 2011

Cuatro meses de desalojo para los ejidatarios de El Rebalsito


Four months of eviction to the ejido of El Rebalsito


CNN Mexico - December 31, 2010

La CNDH investigar� el caso de ejidatarios en Tecanatita, Jalisco


The NHRC will investigate the case of ejido Tecanatita, Jalisco


CNN Mexico - December 29, 2010

Un malla electrificada impide el acceso a una playa en Jalisco


An electrified grid prevents access to a beach in Jalisco


CNN Mexico - August 21, 2010

Una gran reserva ecol�gica peligra por la construcci�n de un complejo


A large nature reserve threatened by the construction of a


CNN Mexico - August 16, 2010

Disputa legal por la propiedad de una playa p�blica del Pac�fico mexicano


Legal dispute over ownership of a public beach in the Mexican Pacific



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