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Tenacatita Update

Posted by dobie on January 23, 2011, 1:51 pm, in reply to "To Add Tenacatita link - January 2011"

Although the fence is still up, there has been some positive news. Last Sunday a reporter and photographer from Proceso, a widely read, in depth, weekly political left leaning magazine came for information about El Caso Tenacatita. They went out in a boat from La Manzanilla and took pictures, interviewed several of the desalojados and a couple of people who had been injured by the police the night of the eviction. They were given a stack of legal documents for background information.

On Tuesday, several ejiditarios, 2 federal diputados (including Salvador Caro) and one local diputado (part of the Congressional committee to deal with the Tenacatita problem) met with the secretary of the Reforma Agraria (formed after the Revolution to ensure property rights for the campesinos). Escobar Prieto said that the agency will function as the mediator in the case of Tenacatita. He told the group that his agency will not be an accomlice to illegal acts, neither will he permit irregularities that affect the campesinos. He promised to analyze the case and proceed according to the law. The ejidatarios felt very positive about the meeting. On Thursday, a representative from the Reforma Agraria came to check out the situation and was denied access at the gate, which was actually a good thing for us as it's another example to contradict their assertion that there's free access to the beach.

It's looking like there's not going to be enough money to finish the infrastructure necessary for the Pan-American games, scheduled to start this October at the Guadalajara Expo. Villianlobos is the President of Guadaljara Expo and Governor Emilio is hoping to make Guadalajara and the state of Jalisco a showpiece for all the visiting countries. With warnings such as these from the American Consulate, it doesn't sounds like Guadalajara's going to be a popular tourist destination.

Safety recommendations:

· If you are presented with an imminent threat on the road, do not hesitate to run over any median (or similar obstacle) to make an emergency U-turn to get out of harm’s way;

· If you are driving or walking and you hear or see gun fire and/or explosions, take immediate evasive action, get down on the ground or behind a solid barrier (engine block, tree planter, etc.) and evacuate the area as soon as it is safe to move.


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