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Re: Villalobos warns against "further encroachment on private land"

Posted by danny on January 27, 2011, 11:42 pm, in reply to "Villalobos warns against "further encroachment on private land""

So Villalobos warns of encroachment because the judge has legally awarded him the land. Well at one time judges in the U.S. claimed slavery was legal. This prick has the audacity to rub it in our faces. He doesn't mention the judge and the governor have their heads up his ass. We must continue to broadcast this injustice. Any time you are on the computer (like right now) drop a line to any web site regarding this situation. There are still homes and businesses still standing so something is still going on there or he would have demolished them by now. This could go on for years so we must have the resolve to outlast this bum. If we do eventually the legal and politcal tide can turn.

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