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The open Bay

Posted by anne on February 1, 2011, 4:38 am

I donít know how or when and I certainly didnít intend to, but I have now entered the ranks of those who distance swim seriously, in the oceans. I suppose there is such a brotherhood, or sisterhood. There must be those who have decided that the normal bounds and rules of swimming were too restraining and long for the distant horizon, the view from below the waters, the sensation of being one with the oceans, the challenge of riding the swells, the connection with undersea creatures, the ability to look at land removed from its incessant demands, urgencies and vacuous priorities, to see untouched and unseen places accessible only by water, but not with an approach above the water, and therefore detached, but below, in, of, with, from the planet itself....

The open Bay was where Iíd always wanted to go. It was where the whales cavort, where the dolphins leap and churn. It was where I wanted to go....

Then, I turned to look straight out to the Bay. There it was, just as it always is, full, voluptuous, moving in rhythms that respond to the moon, open, calling. It was then I decided to go straight out. I decided to head straight out to the open Bay....

What a swim!!!

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