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Proposal from Villalobos

Posted by dobie on February 4, 2011, 7:15 am, in reply to "To Add Tenacatita link - Febuary 2011"

Making it look like he's negotiating, this is what he's proposing:
1) Free access towards the federal zone (libre transito HACIA LA ZONA FEDERAL), but no taking advantage of it with palapas or construction and only vendedores ambulantes (beach vendors)will be allowed.
2) All parties promise to maintain peace, tranquility and security in the region.
3) Until the authorities decide about the federal zone, it will only be used for preservation and adornment - no construction of any kind will be allowed.
4) Federal, state and municipal authorities will watch to make sure that everyone complies with points 2 and 3. The state government in coordination with the federal government will send sufficient elements of security to protect the property as well as the federal zone.
5) The federal, state and municipal governments as well as Rodenas promise to open the road within 5 days of the signing of the agreement so people can enjoy the beach.

Needless to say the ejido won't sign this. I see it as an insult! Rodenas gets all the protection and the people get none. There's nothing guaranteeing access to the lots that are NOT in "his" 42 hectares or in the federal zone. Nothing about him having to fence "his" 42 hectares and stay inside of them. And somehow there will be money for federal and state security "elements" to protect "his" property (how sweet)while Guadalajara is practically a war zone. And to top off the absurdity, Emilio wants to run for president!

La lucha sigue, Tenacatita vive!
The struggle continues, Tenacatita lives on!

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