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Re: Proposal from Villalobos

Posted by danny on February 5, 2011, 6:27 pm, in reply to "Re: Proposal from Villalobos "

Are you a shill for the Rodenas Co? I can not lay out anything for you as my lawyer does not want to show his cards. You see, I am involved in these legal proceedings too. I am taking a financial and emotional hit because of this. Remember just because a legal system rules in his favor does not make it right. I have lived down there and happened to be married to a citizen. I am not a name calling blogger trying to stir up shit. This will take not only legal but also political will to change this. People must show what kind of thugs are operating here. They pepper sprayed govt reps and media. This would never go over in the US. It would be all over the news. In Mexico not a peep. See the legal system is not the final answer here. For all the breathtaking progress you see the minimum wage is less than $5(US) a day, most people are afraid to go out after dark, and the politicians are in the pockets of people like Villalobos.

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