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Re: Daniel's map

Posted by diana b on February 11, 2011, 1:31 am, in reply to "Re: Daniel's map"

Sorry for the confusion. It was a bad translation by Google that converted hectares to acres in one instance and hectares to hectares in another. I now understand that we are strictly talking about hectares.

From one of the articles above -

"Jorge Díaz Topete, the lawyer for Villlalobos, says these titles are bogus and that his client is the true owner of the land, which he says was purchased from Paz Gortázar de González Gallo, the widow of former Jalisco Gov. Jesús González Gallo (1947-1953), in December 1991.
Díaz told Público this week that the land – he says Villalobos actually owns around 80 hectares – was acquired legitimately, although he admitted El Resbalcito ejido has always claimed legal title to it, the Guadalajara Reporter said."

So I guess thats why Villalobos is "protecting" his land outside and including the 42 hectares.

Regardless of who is legally entitled to the land, the eviction was cruel and very destructive. I hope those who were subjected to such a violent eviction are compensated for their losses. The State Police and Villalobos' security guards should be held accountable.

Hopefully, this will be settled soon.

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