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Community Garden Compost Pile

Posted by Rick Strittmater on February 11, 2011, 4:19 pm

The community garden is preparing to start in on a HUGE compost pile. To that end, various folks have been bringing by things like Tamale husks, Watermelon rind, egg shells, orange husks, etc. Thanks. THat said, feel free to enter the gate and walk over to the HUGE existing compost pile and toss on your stuff. You can't miss it. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY HANG A BAG OF STUFF ON THE GATE HANDLE AND HOPE SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT FOR YOU! The next dog that walks by thinks it is a gift for him/her and after 15 seconds it is all over the ground and it doesn't (A) help the dog actually (B) get into the compost pile (C) get where you intended it to go (D) look very good all scattered around the street. Let's see, that is "lose-lose-lose-lose" to those of you keeping score at home. C'mon, just dump it on, trash for your bag is right at the gate. Not tough.


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