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Re: Foreigners buying land in Tenacatita were scammed, developer contends

Posted by Dobie on February 11, 2011, 8:18 pm, in reply to "Re: Foreigners buying land in Tenacatita were scammed, developer contends "

I was presta nombre for 2 lots in the palmar de Tenacatita. Now those lots are in a fidecomiso. I walked with PROCEDE when they came and measured the lots. They used GPS and computers. Titles were elaborated from these measurements. The titles contain descriptions of the properties. Many show the boundary to be the Pacific Ocean. A friend who works in the RAN (Registro Agrarian Nacional) office in Guadalajara (they're the ones who issue the titles) says they have absolutely no paperwork from Rodenas in their files.

The guy is such a liar it's incredible. “It’s untrue that we have blocked the road to the beach,” he said. Duh. What do you call an electrified gate across the road?

Asked how the guards are determining who to let through, he said: “We’ll allow through families with children who want to use the beach.” How nice of him.

Villalobos indicated there were other “pathways” to reach the beach that do not pass through his land, in particular via a “cemetery where people used to bury their dead.” The cemetery is where it is because that's where the first person died. It's still where people are buried. It's along the ocean, a very long walk from Tenacatita Bay, and besides, you can't walk there because you still have to cross "his land."

I couldn't find any mention of this conference in any of the Mexican newspapers, which I find rather curious.

Some long time Tenacatita campers are presently camping on the beach, for the second time (a 3 night stay both times). They came in by boat. You can read about their first trip:


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