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Re: Foreigners buying land in Tenacatita were scammed, developer contends

Posted by Daniel on February 11, 2011, 8:20 pm, in reply to "Re: Foreigners buying land in Tenacatita were scammed, developer contends "
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Hi Smitty,

What are you missing? Possibly quite a bit.

You said "I think what Roden(t)as is saying is that they have held title "for 38 years,"

When someone has title they fence the land, they set the corners, they show everyone it is theirs. if they can't set the boundaries on all of it then they set the boundaries on what they can.

There is such a thing as someone being on your land for 7 years and it becoming theirs. If your not looking after your property for 38 years you deserve to loose it. In La Manzanilla it say's right on the Constancia that the Ejido issues that you are required to fence your land and keep it cleared i.e. show possession. OK, there is a difference in Ejido land and titled land but the central point of showing possession exist for both and makes common and legal sense.

How in the hell did people build a paved highway, put up a complete electric system, section off all that land on the open ocean side, put up for sale signs, post it all over the Internet and openly sell that property for over 3 years without his catching any wind of what was happening? Especially considering how connected he is. This is not some out of the loop hermit living in a foreign country we are talking about.

Edit: I am trying to figure out why it took 38 years for a politically connected person to get a court to say the property is now legally theirs. I know the courts are slow in Mexico, but 38 years slow! Why wouldn't a judge make the same decision 36 years ago?

You said "This seems plausible to me because "everyone" knows that there are title issues on Tena lots, which is why they sold much cheaper than comparable lots anywhere else on the Costa Alegre".

As a Realtor and a citizen of La Manzanilla I never knew anything about title issues on those lots. I knew of two problems.

One with the restaurants along the beach. They got thrown off by the army a couple of times since I have been living here. It was always a big movie full of drama but soon after everyone was back like nothing ever happened.

The other problem was there were rumors of people having problems dealing with the Ejido of Rebalsito, a couple of properties sold twice or something like that. Ask Sigfried about the situation he had come up dealing with that Ejido, and that was well before and Villalobos came on the scene.

If there was a possession problem with the lots (on the open ocean) why didn't Rodena's come years ago and knock down all the for sale signs and fences and put up one big fence around that whole area with a big Private Property sign on it? In reality they did absolutely nothing at any point.

You said "I think what Roden(t)as is saying is that they have held title "for 38 years," and that anyone who bought lots on "their" land did not do their due diligence to ascertain that the title they were receiving was actually associated with the property they bought".

There was plenty of due diligence done on behalf of the buyers and most likely by the Realtors and sellers of the property. When you have a title signed by president Fox and in at least one case Fideicomiso on the property, and the transaction was done by the local Notario, just how much due diligence are you supposed to do? Not to mention that for Fox to give titles on that land they had to be processed by the Registry Agrarian National.

Now 38 years later he comes in at 5:30 am and gets heavy with all the people and destroys restaurants which were on Federal Zone land which he did not even have a valid concession on.

Where is the deed for the property?

When was the last survey done?

Why are not the rules which apply to everyone else being applied to Villalobos?

Why were the Federal police inside the fence instead of outside?

We have questions, a lot of questions that deserve answers.


Did the property title have problems when the Governor owned it?

Did the property have problems when he bought it?

Why did it take 38 years to get a court decision?

What was the court case about?

What are the details of the history of this property?

In recent years it was the army who threw the restaurant owners off the beach,
how does one get the army of Mexico to act on their behalf on a private matter?


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