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Posted by Daniel on February 11, 2011, 8:45 pm, in reply to "Exactly, Daniel"
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The Federal Zone land the restaurants were on were always in question. Not the land by the
open ocean.

Important to remember I am trying to find my way through all this as well, I am definitely
no authority. But by our sharing information we will find our way and the truth.


Let's say that the government is behind the 'Rhodenas / Villalobos project because
it would be good for the economy of Mexico. They wouldn't want to come right out
and say that as that is not the way things are normally done.

When the US leased the island of Diego Garcia they - initiated a terror campaign
(up to and including killing all their dogs') to get rid of the existing islanders.
Some of them died of sadness and suicide.
This island is strategically crucial for many of the military operations
in the middle east, so they were justified in securing it. They could have very
easily paid each of the inhabitants enough money to get them to move off voluntarily,
or worked with them, but they don't think like that.

Unless one understands the aphrodisiac of power they are missing the real
motivation behind the brutality, the lack of fairness in the process. It is
the results of the exertion of power which is the goal, be that conscious or
unconscious by those exerting it.

It is we the people who must confront those who seek the rush of power and
say no, there is a better way of accomplishing things. If, for example,
you want this Tenacatita development to go through for the good of Mexico's
economy then let's find a way to accomplish that without putting a boot in the
face of others. Pay those who bought land, work on access to the Federal Zone.
It may cost more in the upstart but the benefits of treating people fairly,
of not doing covert and dishonest things will pay off handsomely in the future.

This whole people vs the government / corporation's needs to change.
Perhaps they don't see a way or want peace and prosperity for all, but that
does not mean it is not possible. It's always a dream before its a reality.


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