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Re: Exactly, Daniel

Posted by shane on February 12, 2011, 7:02 am, in reply to "Re: Exactly, Daniel"

again :
Why not layout events in a time line based on fact and existing law . Highlight the conflicting real estate laws. The collecting of taxes on land not seemingly properly titled and on and on. Do it in a way that a person who has never been there can pick up and read in 12 minutes and take an interest in the story. Take a section outlining the other sides position, they must have filed something with the court. Another section outlining the ejido counter claims. Then a section outlining the balance that the court must arrive at in settling these claims. Then we wait for the decision. Like it or no, all participants will have to live together in any eventual ruling.

Am very curious to know about how the governor got the land and a look at the estate will that left it to his wife. Then the date and details of when this man V bought from her.
That would clear up quite a bit ! Good questions D. So far its only a 5 minute read but you are paving the way for a fascinating story already !

I wait for more of the story to unfold !

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