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Re: mathematical probability

Posted by D on February 14, 2011, 8:39 pm, in reply to "mathematical probability"
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First thing is to change the data into symbols

calories for construction of coozies (t) [plus] day's for construction of coozies (c)
[multiply by] size (e) [divided by] the number of beers consumed (q) [subtract] calories burned
laughing (u) [multiply by] expansion and contraction of coozies ( i) [add] flotation capabilities
of coozies (l) [equals] the number of coozies needed (a)

Your formula now reads

t + c x e g - u x i + l = a

Since the number of coozies is unknown then the number of days of construction (c)
is also unknown, so lets that that out of the equation.

We now have

t x e q - u x i + l = a

If you take away all of the symbols you will see that this spells tequila.

How does this answer the original question of how many coozies are needed?

If you drink Tequila you won't have coozies thus stabilizing size. The calories burned
laughing will increase but without any expansion and contraction to multiply by and
no flotation capabilities to add it won't matter and the number of coozies needed will
decrease to zero.

I hope this helps.

Happy Valiumtime day.


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