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A crazy robbery

Posted by anne on February 19, 2011, 8:59 am

Well, last night I had a ´funny´ robbery. I´d started out the day with $4,000 pesos in my mochila (backpack) because I had to pay Juani at JuaniRentas for paying my taxes, luz, etc. (She´s great). Then, I´d gone to the Deposito and bought a caja of Negra Modelo with the single remaining $200 pesos I had, receiving $100 pesos back. I also had small change in my bag I carry my $ in.

Ever since the robberies began, I stopped carrying much around with me in my mochila- only my driver´s license, cell, keys, dark glasses--poco. But, I do carry my camera just in case I see some great foto op--like all the embedded beer tops in the dirt in front of the Deposito.

I´d started out the afternoon with a Negra Modela at my home. Came down to clean Robert and Jill´s place with another one. 1+1=2. Then, I went to Lety´s Guacamole and sat with Lety talking while drinking 2 more Negras. 1+1+1+1=4.

Then, I wandered over to Daniel´s and talked with him and Barry for about 15 min. 4 Negras + 1 shot tequila= ?? Then, Lora Loka had some great belly dancing going on at her place. I had to join in on the sidelines in the dark.

I left about 9:30 pm, still carrying my shot glass of tequila from Daniel´s (that I´d held all the time I´d been dancing on the sidelines). As I walked across the street, I dropped the shot glass. (Dont worry Daniel, I buy most of them anyway).

Somewhere along the way, still to be determined, I left my mochila...This morning it was found on the beach on a table, near where I hang out. Most of my stuff was still there, my house and car keys, drivers license, etc. Luckily I´d had my cell in my pocket. The only thing they took was all money--every single peso, which luckily had been reduced in size by that point and also my camera was taken.

Nice thieves. They knew me.....

Moral? Don´t mix.

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