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Posted by jonp on March 4, 2011, 10:14 am

Once again, I have been asked by Abel to translate his letter of thanks, to invite you to the final exhibition of the season and to post the promised list of Patrons of the art school. (I am posting the list of names exactly as given to me, not correcting even the spelling of people I know. This is to avoid just making any errors worse. I trust that you will all recognize yourselves.)--Jon

"Hello. This is Abel Brambila Mendoza speaking to you in the name of all of our art students and of the art school, Project La Manzanilla. I am very grateful to everyone who has supported us by buying paintings and art objects made in the school. The children are very happy. Thanks to your stimulus and support, the Project hasn't failed these kids who are so interested in learning more about making works of art. I am personally very grateful to all of those who have purchased art, whether on the beach, at an exhibition or in your homes. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to get to know you all but I hope to do so some day.

The next and last exhibition of this high season--again to raise money for art supplies--will take place:
SATURDAY 12 MARCH in the JARDIN/PLAZA from 9am to 4pm. Please take the time to visit us."

Thank you,
Abel Brambila Mendoza

Patrons of Projecto de Arte La Manzanilla

Cameron White Ingrid Roenig Eberhoro Socrey Maria Mansillis Doug Weyler Noemi Hayter Diane Phelps Toby Richardson Sally Browne Vanessa Lindholm Ron Postl Tish Patricia McKnight Larry Carolyn Hoyle Annette Van de Steen Gerry Hill David Hill Katherine McCollough Carlie Grass Norma Miller Blair Candy Heaps Seven Sandis Shanti Mary Jo Oberg Marsia Grothe Stephanie Wunner Saralynn Fenwind Gabriela de la Vega Pablo Martinez de C. Linda Mandala Oso Fletcher Dean Klompas Daniela Soto Mazinka Rutherford Blanca Brambila Hugo Brambila Adan Brambila Judith Boel Georje Benwarden Miranda and Mike Jonathan and Arleen Pace Cynthia Voyer Jach y Clara Vooy Hilary Stanton Debbie Stanton Cheryl Malmo Denise McLaren Linda Koenig

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